Opening and Closing Odes

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Opening Ode

Hail! Eternal! by whose aid

All created things were made;

Heaven and earth Thy vast design;

Hear us, Architect Divine!

May our work begun in Thee,

Ever blest with order be;

And may we when labours cease,

Part in harmony and peace.

By Thy Glorious Majesty-

By the trust we place in Thee-

By the badge and mystic sign-

Hear us! Architect Divine!

So mote it be


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Closing Ode

Now the evening shadows closing.

Warn from toil to peaceful rest;

Mystic arts and rights reposing

Sacred in each faithful breast.

God of Light, whose love unceasing

Doth to all Thy works extend,

Crown our Order with Thy blessing,

Build,-sustain us to the end.

Humbly now we bow before Thee,

Grateful for Thy aid divine;

Everlasting power and glory,

Mighty Architect! be Thine.

So mote it be