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Our History

Link to e-book giving a history of Freemasonry in Gosport since 1715

(Author: W. Bro. David Wooden BSc. MSc. C.Eng. P.P.G.Supt.Wks)

Click Here for e-Book


A selection of Historical Documents from Gosport Lodge:

(A bigger selection of documents can be found in the Photo Gallery – Link on top right hand side of the HOME PAGE)


A founder of Gosport Lodge

First Worshipful Master



Founders of Gosport Lodge, 903



India Arms – early meeting place of the Lodge

Early Warrant

Cover of Letters Book

First entry by secretary and first letter


Miscellaneous correspondence / documents


Further misc correspondence / documents

21st year photo

Officers of Lodge – 21st anniversary 1882

Names of members known in the photo

Further misc documents

Lodge accounts 1891

Documents relating to death of Queen Victoria


Document relating to signing of Armistice Agreement


New Masonic Hall

June 12 1928 meeting


Meetings in 1929

King George VI – 1931

Further documents – meetings in the new hall





Wartime Accounts


War Record


Up to date: Gosport Lodge Members 2011


Immediate Past Master W.Bro. John Hill with Gosport Lodge Members 2011

Worshipful Master Justin Leese and Officers of Gosport Lodge Members 2018